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Discover The Never Exposed Secret Of Importing Anything From Your Bedroom, While You Turn Your

Facebook To an ATM Machine Getting Hungry Buyers Begging You To Take Their Money.

No Custom Hassles, No Huge Capital Involved, No Physical Selling…………..

The #1 Mini Importation Training In Nigeria!

Start Now and Make Your First 7 FIGURES From Importation Business

I am dam sure you are also ready to start making this kind of 7 figures from Importation business. But you think it involves breaking the bank to get you started.

I tell you it as simple as recharging your mobile phone


…… Just give me 5 minutes of your time and see how practically you can start importation with as low as 20K and scale it into millions, using my own best kept secret you can’t found anywhere else.

This Image shows how I imported a hot in demand product for just N380.

See What I made right here in Nigeria Selling at 100 times the price Imported

What business can you start in Nigeria with Just N7,000 and make over N100,000 in a matter of days? Remember, you will be selling from the comfort of your room. Nobody will boss you around.

 Now you see, how practical it is to start your home based importation business with less than 20K

You haven’t seen anything yet………………. You will see just how Nigerians can turn you into a Millionaire overnight begging you to come take their money.

Your neighbours and family will think you don do money ritual Lol!

Before I got to this point, I made some silly mistakes, which you must not make.

You need not even bother, as I can’t sit back and allow you make such.

Guess what the mistake was? I was also importing from my bedroom but from a wrong source. Which I believe some people still do.

You will make some profit, but I tell you this… You are only making money for a buyer just like you. That was the exact experience I had, during my first year importing. I landed myself on Aliexpress.

I will never forgive myself, for making such mistake enriching buyers like me when another platform offers way lesser price than that of Aliexpress. 

This same product cost high on Aliexpress but i buy directly from the factory at a ridiculous cheap price.

Now you see…………… why I said I made a silly mistake in my first exploit doing Importation. I was buying same item for 3 times the price. Although, I was making profit but not as much as I did when I started buying from the right source. A host of Nigerians are still falling for this scam of buying from Aliexpress unknown to the that they can buy directly from manufacturer of the product.

Don’t get tensed up yet. You won’t be making same mistake. I have got you covered, as I will be handing over to you how i buy directly from my product manufacturer.

Funny enough, I even get this Manufacturers customise the products in my Personal Brand Name.

Just Chill all these i will hand over to you for nothing.

 Am I related to Aliko Dangote?


My name is Oladimeji Raji the CEO Crestech Web Solutions  Renowned Digital Marketing Consultant.

I came from a middle class family, and over the years i have legitimately made a living online.

The whole journey started way back 2009, that was the year I first started my successful importation with just N10,000 and ever since then I haven’t looked back, and have grown it into a million monthly business.

I have made millions of Naira from Importation business and have trained a vast majority of Nigerians both old and young who are doing fine in their Importation business.

  Have a Feel of What Most of My Student Sent In Few Days Of Going Through My Coaching On Mini Importation

 These are just a snippet of my students, that I have changed their lives doing importation business. I have tons of them spread across the country doing fine. These are guys who are now self employed. They are not busy looking for jobs that don’t exist.

I know I can’t change everyone but my ultimate goal was to make a true impact in the lives of as many Nigerians as possible

So I started working with many Nigerians to show them how to build a real multi-million Naira business the internet in matter of months.

The first person I Coached was Abubakar Tusse, he worked has a Banker and was tired with the salary he earns at the time. He met me online on Facebook and chatted me up and same day he enrolled for my coaching on Mini Importation.

He ordered his first product same week and in less than a month he was already doing A million naira from Importation business. To cap it all, the following month a gave me a call that he just bought a new Toyota Camry 2016 worth over 2.5 million Naira.

Then meet Sodiq Olaniyi, he is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (Mapoly). He met me immediately he concluded is NYSC, and he came to the reality that the job does not exist in the real world. Just as the case with every new graduate out there.

He also enrolled for my Coaching and started with a little amount of money. The amazing part of this guy is he learns faster and now not only does he makes million from importation and selling online.

He can now also teach people how to earn steadily online and also consult for businesses and individuals on digital marketing.

 For the past 9 years I have been my own boss and my business has been thriving exponentially.

Let me tell you……

Importation business is the best Money Juju you can do.

This is simple, Nigerians consume anything. Just get the product into the country and see them start begging you to come take their money.

See How Nigerians Queue Up To Buy My Imported Products

 That’s just how you will start getting buyers begging you to come take their money using Facebook.

Or will you tell me you don’t have a Facebook account?

If you have, then your money ATM machine is what you have been taking for granted over the years. All you do is post selfies and rant about how President Buhari is Fighting the Igbos.

Well, ……………………. Now you know you have a goldmine yet untapped.

Today, I want to be YOUR COACH!

I want to take you by the hand and show you the exact same formula that all my students applied to become multi-millionaires in matter of weeks doing home based mini importation.

I want to help you build your own  profitable and scalable Mini Importation Business business over the next few weeks and become financially free before the end of 2018 so you can walk into 2019 an internet millionaire.

And that's why I decided to do something special for you. I created an all-in-one Mini Importation business coaching , the first of it's kind in Nigeria.

The Mini Importation Dynasty

The First Ever All-in-one Mini Importation Business Coaching Program In Nigeria

This is the experience of my 9 unbroken years of doing Importation Business Profitably. Where I opened up practically how to start Home Based Importation Business with as low as 20K.

Learn Directly From Me

 How to buy directly from manufacturers and avoid patronizing retailers 70% price reduction.

How To Find Hot In Demand Products Where You Alone Dominate The Market

 How to ship your products to Nigeria in less than 7 days.

 How To Master Self Promotion and Sell Tons of Product Daily Using Facebook

 How to make payment without going to buy Aboki dollars

 How Choose the Best Logistics That delivers to Your Customer and Pay You Instantly.


Get All My Bonuses Altogether

  50 Well Researched Hot in Demand Products Only For You.

  How To Get Free Domain Name and Hosting.

  Elementor Plugin Pro 

How To Use Messenger Chatbots To Promote, Retain Customers and Sell Anything ( Even sell landed properties)

How To Design Sales Pages.

Product Promotional Videos Created For You.

My Premium Promotional Video Creation Software (CAMTASIA).

 How To Use Camtasia To Create Hot Sales Video.

I have painstakingly done this into a well recorded video tutorials. Coz, I dislike some gibberish PDF that will give you half-knowledge and information. Keeping you hanging on what to do next.

You will watch me do it live and take the same action immediately. The trainings are recorded into sections just like attending a class. You must watch one before moving on to the other.

The worth of knowledge and wealth I will be transferring here, is what Millions. But I will be making it available to just 10 person. Who wants me to hold them by the hand and change their Financial fortune.

I will not Charge even anything close to 100K. You will be getting at a launch Price of Just N5,000.

That’s out of my magnanimity if you take a prompt action and buy the course today or you risk paying 50K after the launch period.


My Prelaunch Expires In:

Here’s How to Confidently Get Your Copy of The Mini Importation Dynasty Course Today At The Launch Discount Price Only Available For The First 10 Person... And Get Access to The Bonus!

Note that the launch period expires either once the timer below hits zero... 

Then the launch price of N5,000 which you can get it before today expires; ...and the price after launch is N50,000 or more automatically takes effect without the special bonus.


 Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc

  STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N5,000 into; Bank: STANBIC Bank PLC Account Name: RAJI OLADIMEJI Account No: 0018437026

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (note: text message only. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to:  [email protected] 0r 07064426253 As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the video links within 27 minutes.


Hurry, special discount ends in......

Need Anything? Call 07064426253

In the heart of your heart……………. You know certainly this all you need to transform your financial situation around. Start a real business from the comfort of your home, and stop making others rich doing Ponzi.

How will it feel to you? Shipping tons of items just like mine daily.


 I have just handed my vault to you courtesy of my Course – THE MINI IMPORTATION DYNASTY. I am given it to you at a Prelaunch price of just N5,000 and you get access to my exclusive follow up support. 

P.S : This is my personal result and experience of 9 years not-stop doing Mini Importation Business Profitably. Anyone can jump on today with as little as 20K and scale it into millions.

There is this popular quote that says " Where we are at the moment was a result of the decision we took yesterday". In plain language, stop all your analysis, paralysis that has kept your bank account Red all year long and get something profitably doing today courtesy of this First of its kind training - The Mini Importation Dynasty.

P.S.S: If you have ever wondered, how do people get wealthy using the internet? Mini Importation is one of it. Coz, to make money on the internet you gotta exchange value for cash. Now, go out there spot a Hot Product and let people exchange your product for cash. The world is evolving at a faster pace, the oils are no longer bringing in the kesh. So join the digital revolution Now!

Go ahead right now and register for the Mini Importation training...

I can't wait to see you on the inside and begin your training.

Oladimeji Raji

Creator: The Mini Importation Dynasty

DISCLAIMER: This website and it's partners have no relationship with Facebook, Google or any of the advertising platforms you may have seen our ads on. This website and all of it's contents is a property of Crestech Web Solutions.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every single income claim and proof we've shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 9 years of being a successful internet marketer, nothing is average about me and as well, some other proof and claims are the results of students that I personally coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 5hours, and because I don't know how much time you're willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you'll get my kind of results.  In The Mini Importation Dynasty, I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING. 

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